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For some, the divorce experience can be a catastrophic event that shakes one to one's core. For others, it can be merely an unpleasant detail that needs to be taken care of.

Whatever your experience, I can help you set aside your negative feelings and focus on what is important. My job is to help you minimize damage to your children, be a good steward of your financial resources, and help you think long term. Call me. I can help.
If you and your spouse are on speaking terms, trust each other, and don't mind being in the same room, I might be able to help you get divorced cheaply and efficiently. I can sit down with both of you, discuss the issues, suggest solutions, and develop a written agreement that would be fully enforceable in court.

This won't work for every couple, but it may work for you.

I tend to take difficult cases and go to trial. I regularly handle divorces involving Microsoft stock awards, retirement accounts, and considerable separate property. I can sort out who did what in a domestic violence case, and help you grow in your role as parent.

I usually take 2 - 3 cases per year to trial. I am experienced in mediation, arbitration, and settlement conferences.

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