Lisa P. Leon-Guerrero is a highly skilled professional who has been managing the Law Offices of O. Yale Lewis III, LLC since 2017. Her journey with the firm began when she became a client of Mr. Lewis and impressed him with her exceptional work on her own case. Recognizing her talent and potential, he offered her a position as his legal assistant, a role she quickly embraced and excelled in. In a remarkably short period, Lisa acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to become a proficient case manager and paralegal.

Throughout her life, Lisa has embraced various diverse and unconventional career paths, which have contributed to her extensive experience and adaptability. Her professional endeavors have spanned overseeing production at factories in Indonesia, providing high-end professional entertainment for clubs and corporate events, and directing a costume shop for a fast-paced entertainment company. These roles have not only honed her critical observation skills but have also allowed her to connect with individuals from vastly different backgrounds. Consequently, Lisa possesses a remarkable ability to understand and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life.

Why Family Law?

Lisa is drawn to family law because she enjoys helping people. Whether it’s supporting friends, family, co-workers, or clients, she approaches every interaction with compassion and empathy. Lisa takes pride in guiding clients through the often emotionally draining, daunting, and unfamiliar legal processes involved in family law. She believes that helping individuals better understand the intricacies of their situation can empower them, providing the personal strength they need to navigate challenging circumstances.

About Me

Beyond her professional life, Lisa cherishes time spent with her humorous husband and bright teenage son. They reside in a close-knit community and enjoy connecting with close friends and family. Notorious foodies, they indulge their passion for culinary exploration during overseas travel adventures. They also enjoy appreciating the outdoors in all its splendor.

Lisa is an invaluable member of the Law Offices of O. Yale Lewis III team, leveraging her diverse background, exceptional communication skills, and genuine empathy to assist clients in their legal journeys. Her commitment to providing support and guidance, coupled with her love for personal connections, makes her a trusted ally for those navigating the challenging landscape of family law.

Devin C. Kienow joined our firm in 2019. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in state, federal, and tribal courts. With his expertise, Devin has enhanced our firm’s ability to provide high-quality and competent representation to our clients. His areas of specialization include Family Law and Native American law, in which he has both personal and professional experience.

With a strong background in family law litigation, Devin is well-equipped to support clients as they navigate through the complexities of the legal process. His unwavering determination and sense of duty to our clients ensure that he will work tirelessly on their behalf to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Prior to embarking on his legal career, Devin served in the U.S. Air Force as a crew chief on B-52s, demonstrating his commitment to service and discipline. He also served in the U.S. Army’s 16th Brigade, Airborne, in Iraq, further solidifying his dedication to duty and perseverance.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Devin finds great joy in being the best parent he can be, prioritizing his family and enjoying time spent with his sons and close friends.

Overall, Devin’s diverse background, legal expertise, and unwavering commitment make him a valuable asset to our firm and a trustworthy advocate for our clients.

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