Family Law​​​​​​​

Family law includes the most important areas of your life, your relationships with your spouse, intimate partner, children and extended family.

At The Law Offices of O. Yale Lewis III, we deliver sound legal advice on these issues when you need it most.

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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law is about the most important relationships in your life: divorce, committed intimate relationships, maintenance, alimony, parenting plans, and child support.

We can help you reconfigure your relationship with your spouse in a way that minimizes collateral damage to your children and your other relationships. We can help you preserve your assets, sanity, and peace of mind.

Mediated Divorce

Mediated Divorce

A mediated divorce is about getting divorced in a manner that conserves your financial and emotional resources and allows you to maintain a relationship with your spouse.

If you and your spouse are on speaking terms, trust each other, and can remain cordial in the same room together, you are a candidate for a mediated divorce.

Indian Law

Indian Law

Indian law is about the intersection of federal, state, and tribal law. If you are a tribal member, or if you are a non-tribal member dealing with an Indian tribe, you have an Indian law issue.

We appear regularly in tribal courts throughout western Washington. We have particular expertise in areas of Indian law that intersect with areas of family law, for example, custody of Indian children and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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The Law Offices of O. Yale Lewis III
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Mr. Lewis received his B.A. in literary studies, cum laude, with honors, from Middlebury College, Vermont, his M.S. in journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York, and his J.D. from the University of Washington. During law school, he was on law review and published two law review articles, one of which took first place in the annual writing competition sponsored by the American Indian Law Review.

Mr. Lewis is a father and a native son. Mr. Lewis grew up on Bainbridge Island. He spent most of his twenties in Vermont, Alaska, Maine, New York, and Idaho before finally settling down back in Seattle. During those years, he was engaged primarily in commercial fishing, commercial diving, and journalism. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and mountaineering in the North Cascades and beyond.

Mr. Lewis has been litigating family law and Indian law matters for almost 20 years. He appears regularly on the family law motions calendar in King County, in addition to other superior courts and tribal courts throughout the state of Washington. He tries up to three cases per year and also conducts multiple mediations and arbitrations. He also handles appeals.

Mr. Lewis has been admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court, USDC W. Dist. Wash., USDC E. Dist. Wash., and most of the tribal bars in the State of Washington. Mr. Lewis is a sole practitioner. As such, he is able to carefully select his clients and devote his attention to a select group of clients at any one time.

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